Deliver a secure and streamlined checkout experience.

MemberPay is a payment tokenization solution which enables merchants to provide regular customers with a secure and streamlined checkout process. With MemberPay, a cardholders’ credit card number is replaced with a unique value called a “token”. Each customer is also given their own account, user name and password, which they’ll use together with their CVV to complete online transactions. This process prevents fraudsters and hackers from getting any customer card details.

Maximize Conversion Rates
MemberPay helps you improve conversions by empowering shoppers to confidently make online purchases without worrying about data breaches.
Eliminate Fraud Risks
MemberPay effectively blocks any instances of fraud since there is no way for hackers to access the original card number. The token and CVV possesses no monetary value at all.

Ideal Applications

Ticketing sites

Restaurant with delivery services

Online malls


Travel agencies


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